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Be part of a fun, dynamic and unique International organisation for people aged 18-30, offering a wide range of activities that will enable you to try something new, whilst having a great time and meeting others.

Social Cohesion offer a wide choice of social activities, actively supports your local community, raise money for charity and give you the opportunity to develop your personal skills and gain new experience in the UK and abroad.

We specialise in researching social behavior patterns. Our research brings forward the problems created by different social groups. Social networking is a major part of the community and allows complex models to be tested.

Using the extensive research we provide you the best services on social networking

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<13'> Make new friends and enjoy the best social life possible!
Try the Ladies Night Out Club for free! Making new friends in London and surrounding areas is easy with Ladies Night Out Club. So whether you are a London local or new to London city you can make new friends and have an active social life and meet new female friends with the club.
We run a variety of social events for women just like you who want to extend their social network in the London city and nearby areas. Our events include dinner and drinks, cinema nights, book club, walking and more.

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Welcome to Social Relations.

At Social Relations we want to get you out of the house and meeting like minded individuals through fun and challenging events. Our events are focused on helping to develop social relations, so whether you would like to make new friends or brush up on your people skills, we could have an event to help you.


Social Relations are an important part of everyday life and having poor social skills can impact on you hugely. At SR, we understand the importance of communication and social outreach, which is why we organise specific events to get you out of your comfort zone.


All activities are organised by us with help from you and other members. Therefore, if you have something special in mind, that you would like to do, we could do it!


  • Community - Fund-raising for local, national and international charities, conservation work, assisting with the talking newspaper
  • Social - We regularly organise meetings together with the other clubs for bigger Summer Balls, Christmas, Valentine, Halloween parties.
  • International - Experience new places and different cultures through trips abroad
  • Sports - The emphasis is on fun rather than skill.
  • Vocational - Expand your horizons with visits to places of interest, theatre trips, comedy clubs and music festivals.

Our events are focused at challenging you in your social field, breaking you out of your comfort zone and making you have a good time. Your social skills can affect every aspect of your life. Being able to socialise well in a group and with individuals’ means that you will become an excellent communicator and listener. This will lead to you being more confident and aware of your surroundings.


Being able to socialise will also help you in your future career. For many job interviews, you could be asked to join in a group interview; it is essential that you can walk into the interview room with confidence and engage with others without being overbearing. This is a skill we could bring to you.


Social Relations could also help you with team work. In your career it is more than likely that you will be asked to work as part of a group or even be in charge of a team. It is important that you can communicate with team members, delegate tasks and organise others but that you are also capable of taking orders and communicating.


Our social events could help you to expand your social group, which could lead to you being more efficient in your job and more confident around new people. If you are a company wanting to give your employees some team building training, we could have something to offer you too. We could cater events towards helping your team communicate and engage with each other so that you have a healthier, happier workplace!

Social Cohesion news and latest events

come and join in the fun. See our charity run for Summer 2014.

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Socialise Through Tango

In addition to the 2016 line-up of workshops, Steve and Debbie are delighted to annouce a special weekend in the company of the fabuous dancing and teaching combo of Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi (pictured above) on July 19/20 2016.