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Infection control

Together we can fight infection
Clean your hands

All hospitals are working hard to reduce avoidable infections and to provide a clean and safe environment for patients, their relatives and our staff. Many hospitals audit hand hygiene compliance monthly, with weekly spot checks. One way of reducing infection is through innovative changes in laundry. A number of hospitals have adopted barrier washers, where dirty linen is separated from clean washing through a physical barrier, often a wall in a divided room.

As the partner of choice to thousands of care and healthcare organisations, OPL ltd know the daily challenges áfaced by hospitals in minimising the risk of infection. More importantly, we know how to help you overcome them.

All NHS Foundation Trusts takes infection prevention and control very seriously. The Infection Prevention and Control Teams maintains a high profile on the wards and departments and each area has a Link Nurse who coľordinates and monitors efforts to minimise the spread of infection.

Many hospitals are part of the top performing trusts in the country for minimising the spread of MRSA and therefore reducing the risk to patients. The standards of cleanliness in our hospital are high and we have joined the national Clean Your Hands Campaign. They maintain awareness of the importance of cleanliness among staff, patients and visitors through our ongoing Cleaning Matters campaign. Matrons are responsible for the cleanliness of their wards and welcome any feedback from patients and visitors.

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